May 20, 2023

What is Paranormal Activity 3 about?

Paranormal Activity 3 is the prequal to the events that took place in the first two films.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Paranormal Activity 3 is, (in our opinion) the only Paranormal Activity film that we didn’t dislike. We’re not saying that it’s a good horror film, because we think that when you compare any Paranormal Activity films to brilliant horror films, it cannot survive, but out of all of them, this one is the best. We believe that this Paranormal Activity is scariest, the best acted, and just doesn’t go overboard like the others. They have finally added a character to the ghost, who communicates to the girls, and that is what makes it kind of creepy.

Eff Your Review
Paranormal Activity 3 rating: 57%