It Follows

What is It Follows about?

It follows is a horror film about a problem that gets passed on by having sexual intercourse with a new partner. No, it’s not chlamydia, but its far worse! This problem is far harder to get rid of! This is something that constantly, slowly follows the person who is currently infected. They are not able to get rid of this, until they have sex and pass it to the next person. However, if that person gets killed by the following, then it goes back to the previous person. Are the people who have been targeted able to escape it following them? How can they get away from this? Watch It Follows to find out!

Would horror film lovers enjoy It Follows?

Overall, we’d say that It Follows was a good horror film, however we felt that it could have been better. With many horror films, often the ending can be the result in a good horror, or a great one. Unfortunately, the ending seemed rather flat, in comparison to the rest of the film.

Apart from the end of the film, the beginning and middle were exceptional. The story line itself (of a constant being on the search to take you, unless you pass it on through sexual intercourse) is almost comical, however it was portrayed brilliantly, and didn’t make us stop think about how absurd that plot it, in such a strong horror film. In conclusion, we’d definitely advise you to watch this film. If you are a true horror film lover, then it would be a shame for you to miss out on this one.

Eff Your Review
It Follows rating: 77%



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